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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Diabetic Eye Exams

Pediatric Exams

Contact Lens Fitting

Emergency Eyecare

(i.e. pink eye, injury, foreign body removal)

Post Operative Care

Detection and Treatment of Ocular and Systemic Disease including Dry Eye Therapy

Dr. Stacey D. Raines, Optometric Physician


Doctors of Optometry and optometric physicians are independent primary health care providers who specialize in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye and associated structures as well as the diagnosis of related systemic conditions.  Optometric Physicians prescribe and treat glaucoma, eye infections, eye inflammations and preform foreign body removal.  They fit and dispense glasses and contact lenses, thus providing total eye health and vision care for all ages. Optometric physicians do not perform surgery.  An optometric physician has completed four years of college premedical education and four years of graduate education at an accredited College of Optometry, earning a Doctorate in Optometry. Optometric physicians are certified by a national board of examiners and licensed by a state regulatory board.

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